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 +GPX Viewer can be used as a very simple navigation tool which will continuously align map position and rotation to device current position and orientation. For this usage you first need to open gpx or kml file in GPX Viewer which is described in [[docs:faq:how_to:open_file|How to open gpx or kml file]]. Note that GPX Viewer won't provide you turn-by-turn instructions. Below are instructions how to enable simple navigation functionality:
 +  - Ensure that **GPS** is **enabled** on your device.
 +  - If you have **Android 6.0 or higher** ensure also that GPX Viewer has **permission** for **location granted**.
 +  - Open left main menu and tap on **Follow GPS**.
 +  - Alternatively, to enable **Follow GPS** you can tap on blue navigation icon at the bottom of map screen.
 +  - Again open left main menu and tap on **Rotate map**. By default **Rotate map** feature is based on GPS (you can change this as is written in step 6 so it will be based on compass). If it is not working properly on your device it is possible that you need to calibrate compass on your device. Here you can find information how to calibrate compass:
 +  - Alternatively, to enable **Rotate map** you can tap again on speedometer. To disable **Follow GPS** and **Rotate map**, just tap again on speedometer.
 +  - Then alternatively you can **zoom in** to your device position.
 +  - When you open left main menu and tap on **Settings** then on **GPS** you can enable or disable **Rotate map according to GPS** option. You can also enable or disable **Move to lower part of the screen** which will enable or disable moving position on map to lower part of the screen (this will work only when function **Follow GPS** is enabled).
 +Below is video showing following instructions above:
 +[[|{{ docs:faq:how_to:simple_navigation.gif }}]]
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