Online maps are maps that can be used only when the device is connected to the internet. However, GPX Viewer supports caching of maps. When you show some locations on a map when your device is online it will cache those locations and when you turn your device offline and restart GPX Viewer and show those locations again they will be loaded from cache. But we don't recommend relying on this feature because the Android system can at any time decide to erase this cached data.


Custom online maps

GPX Viewer is supporting adding your own online maps by adding server url addresses in XYZ format. Here you can find the tutorial how to add custom online map.

Previews of online maps

Below you can preview online maps which are available in GPX Viewer.

google.jpg Google Maps
Google Maps support showing normal, terrain and satellite online maps.

View Google Maps

openstreetmap.jpg OpenStreetMap
Online map based on OpenStreetMap data using standard OpenStreetMap style.

View OpenStreetMap

opnvkarte.jpg ÖPNVKarte
Worldwide online map highlighting public transport information (busses, trams, trains, stops, etc.) based on OpenStreetMap data.

View ÖPNVKarte

OpenStreetMap primarily aimed at showing information useful to cyclists.

View CyclOSM

opentopomap.jpg OpenTopoMap
OpenTopoMap is an online map aiming at rendering topographic maps from OpenStreetMap and SRTM data.

View OpenTopoMap

stamen.jpg Stamen
Online maps based on OpenStreetMap data with Terrain, Toner, and Watercolor styles.

View Stamen

mapbox.jpg Mapbox
Mapbox has many beautiful online maps based on OpenStreetMap data.

View Mapbox

here.jpg HERE
Nice online maps with a wide variety of types like terrain, satellite, minimalist, and city.


thunderforest.jpg Thunderforest
A wide variety of online maps for terrain, outdoors, transport, and most famous OpenCycleMap.

View Thunderforest

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