Filebrowser is an internal built-in file system where one can display all gpx, gpz, kml, kmz files on your device.

The default location to be displayed is the one set as default in the settings of the file manager - you can find where that one is located in settings here. Under each folder, the user can see how many files supported by GPX Viewer it contains. In a case users have set up in settings external file browser, after tapping on “Open files” the respective application is opened.

Users are able to rename, share, copy, cut, delete, or compress files. It is important to note that all the changes will be also affected in the device's memory, however, GPX Viewer Pro can not work with other file types than gpx, gpz, kml, kmz files. And also it does not work in the background, therefore all the files need to be actively deleted.

In the path, after clicking on the house icon, the path changes back to the default location for saving the tracks, set up in settings.

After clicking on the three dots on the right side under the path, users have several opportunities:

  • Refresh - to refresh the folders, in the case in the meanwhile some external changes happened.
  • Sort - by name, type, size, and modification type. And also to reverse the order of sorting.
  • Create a directory - in the current folder.
  • Download and open - to download and open files from the internet.
  • Select all files - selects all files in the selected folder.
  • Unselect all files - unselects all files in the selected folder.
  • Don't close opened files - checkbox to ensure that opened files won't be closed.

The search is located on the right side next to the path. The search returns the result only if it's directly within the searched folder, the search is not case-sensitive and is able to find also only part of the names.


Each file consists of information:

  • Name of the file.
  • Size of the file.
  • Date of file creation.

After a short tap on a file, the file is selected.

After a long tap on files the following options display:

  • Show full path
  • Rename - this change will change the name of the file in the whole device.
  • Share - options on how to send or share this file appears.
  • Copy - copying the file.
  • Cut - cutting out the file.
  • Paste - paste into the current location previously copied or cut file.
  • Delete - deleting the file in the device.
  • Compress - compressing files into the kmz or gpz formats.

In a case, more files are selected previous actions are executed for all of the selected files (except showing the full path and renaming).

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