File information contains information about the file where tracks and waypoints are stored. Users have the opportunity to edit the data there which will be also reflected on the file itself.
The information displayed is:

  • File name - non-editable.
  • File path - the path to the file location from the root file of the phone. Non-editable.
  • XML - the schema under which the data are encoded within the XML file (the most common is gpx 1.1). Non-editable.
  • Name - internal name of the file.
  • Description of the file.
  • Creator - where the file was created.
  • Author - name, e-mail, and link for the author of the file.
  • Copyright - author, year, and license of copyright files.
  • Time when the file was created.
  • Keywords of the file.
  • Links associated with the file.

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