Offline map

Offline map is available only in GPX Viewer PRO.

Offline map is a map which can be used when device is not connected to internet, however it also work when device is connected to internet. But you first need to download them to your device. GPX Viewer PRO currently support only offline map data which can be downloaded directly in GPX Viewer PRO, it does not support custom 3rd party offline map data as of yet. These offline map data are based on OpenStreetMap data. Basically when you download some offline map data, in reality you download raw vector, hillshade and contours data for this offline map. These data need to be styled in order to be shown on the map. GPX Viewer PRO supports several offline map styles as is shown in the screenshot below. Currently it does not contain style which is similar to default OpenStreetMap map style, but we are working on to add this style into GPX Viewer PRO.

Here you can find tutorial how to work with offline map in GPX Viewer PRO. If you encounter problems that downloaded data for offline map are not shown, please refer to this help page.


Previews of offline map styles

Below you can preview offline map styles which are available in GPX Viewer PRO to use for showing offline map data.

Most basic style with simple styling showing also points of interest. It allows fastest rendering.

View Basic

bubble_wrap.jpg Bubble Wrap
A full-featured city style loaded with helpful icons for points of interest.

View Bubble Wrap

cinnabar.jpg Cinnabar
City style with simple colors and points of interest.

View Cinnabar

refill.jpg Refill
A minimalist map style designed for data visualization overlays. Inspired by the seminal Toner style by Stamen Design. Refill supports multiple color themes.

View Refill

topo.jpg Topo
Topographic style inspired by OpenTopoMap with contour lines.

View Topo

tron.jpg Tron
Will autonomous cars dream as they charge overnight? This style is pushing mapping to new extremes, and it will push your GPU and fan to the limit.

View Tron

walkabout.jpg Walkabout
This outdoor style is perfect for hiking or getting out and about, with mountains, ski trails, biking paths, and transit stops.

View Walkabout

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