How to get to GPS: Open Left Main Menu → Settings → GPS

GPS settings are the main settings for general GPS settings and location notification settings.

  • Rotate map according to GPS - turn on/off map rotation according to data from GPS instead of the device orientation sensor.
  • Move to lower part of the screen - turn on/off moving the current location to the lower part of the screen when following GPS.
  • Elevation from air pressure - turn on/off elevation measurements based on pressure sensors.
  • Show off-track warning - turn on/off an off-track warning when Follow GPS function is on.
  • Off-track warning distance - set up distance from the nearest trackpoint for an off-track warning to be shown.
  • Off-track voice notification - turn on/off off-track distance voice notification.
  • Waypoint notification - turn on/off notification when the GPS position is near a waypoint.
  • Auto hide notification - turn on/off auto-hide way point notification after a short period.
  • Waypoint notification distance set up distance from the nearest waypoint for notification to be shown.
  • Waypoint voice notification - turn on/off off-waypoint description voice notification.

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