How to get to WMS manager settings: Open Left Main Menu → Settings → Maps → WMS manager.

After opening the WMS manager, users can see a list of their downloaded WMS, an icon that allows users to add new WMS in the left bottom corner and three dots next to the caption that opens the actions for the WMS manager:

  • Add new WMS - opens a dialogue to add a new WMS from url. A manual on how to do it can be found here: How to add WMS map.
  • Stop using of WMS - stops using of WMS layout.
  • Delete all WMS - deletes all downloaded WMS.
  • Show list of WMS - shows a list of downloadable WMS styles that can be also found on this website.

Options for an edit of each WMS are:

  • Add new WMS - pens a dialogue to add new WMS from url.
  • Edit - editing options for current WMS.
  • Refresh information - updating current WMS style.
  • Use this WMS - applying this WMS on the map.
  • Delete - deleting this WMS.

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