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How to get to track recording settings: Open Left Main Menu > Settings > Track recording Track recording is only possible in GPX Viewer Pro. Tracks are recorded in order for users to be able to store their past journeys.


  • Profile Manager - specific settings for each recording profile.
  • Profile - selection of profile for recording.
  • Select profile before start - setting whether the recording profile should be chosen everytime before the recording starts.
  • Show options to add links - option to enable users to add links to tracks and waypoints when exporting them into the file.
  • Show stats in notification - track recording statistics in notifictions bar when track recording is enabled.
  • Show notification buttons - track recording buttons in notifications bar when track recording is enabled.
  • Show continue track recording - dialog to continue track recording when starting it.
  • Show stop confirmation - when stopping the track, the window appears to confirm stopping.
  • Show open after export dialog - show dialog asking whether to open exported tracks.
  • Line width - width of the line displaying track, ranging from 3 to 26.
  • Draw outline - draws white outline around the track line.
  • Color line by segments - color of the line alters in similar shades based on the segmnts of the track.
  • Color line by data - temporary disabled
  • Colors - selection of automatic colors for recorded tracks.
  • Automatically export tracks - after stopping the track recording, show dialog with track exporting options.
  • Automatically delete tracks after export - deleting tracks from internal app memory after expoting them.
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