How to get to profile manager: Open Left Main Menu → Settings → Track Recording → Profile Manager

Profile manager for track recording allows users to customize the profile under which the track should be recorded. From the speed or time recording defaults up to settings of the colour of the track or default storage folder. The application contains default profiles (Biking, Car, Running, Walking) and each of them differs by default with their time and distance interval.

Description of track recording profile settings items:

  • Name
  • Distance interval - users can choose the distance interval that should be conquered within the time selected period.
  • Time interval - the setting of the time interval in which the measurement of distance should happen. In a case that distance travelled in this time interval is smaller than the one set in distance interval, this distance is not recorded, but accumulated and recorded in the next time interval when the distance is larger than the time selected.
  • Required accuracy - What is the required radius of distance from the estimated GPS location in order to have the location recorded.
  • Battery consumption - the balance between GPS accuracy and battery usage.
  • Voice notification - option to receive voice notification after a defined time period is passed or distance period is passed.
  • Keep GPS always on - option to turn on/off GPS to be permanently on.
  • New segment on GPS signal loss - option to turn on/off adding of new segment if GPS signal is lost.
  • Record only when moving - option to turn on/off recording only if moving is detected.
  • Count steps - option to turn on/off steps counting.(Steps are later displayed in the comments of track.)
  • Speed threshold - option to modify the speed threshold that needs to be met for recording the track.
  • Use custom colour - option to turn on/off custom colour setting for track line.
  • Custom colour - choice of custom track colour.
  • Auto set default track name - setting of auto exported track name.
  • Auto export - option to turn on/off auto track exporting.
  • Auto export file type - option to choose file type of automatically exported files.
  • Default file name prefix - setting of auto exported file prefix.
  • Default export directory - option to choose the directory of automatically exported files.
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