How to get to user interface settings: Open Left Main Menu → Settings → User Interface. User interface settings cover work with user interface of GPX Viewer app.

Description of user interface settings items:

  • Language - setting of language in which application operates. By default it is the system language.
  • Visual theme - choice between dark or light visual theme.
  • Keep screen on - option to turn on/off whether the screen should be on while map is displayed.
  • Disable screen lock - option to turn on/off screen lcocking after turning screen off when map is shown.
  • Show in fullscreen - option to turn on/off android notification bar display.
  • Orientation lock - choose in which mode the orientation lock should work.
  • Show map buttons - option to choose whether compass, location and zoom buttons should be dislplayed.
  • Enable map gestures - option to choose whether rotate, scroll, tilt and zoom gestures should work.
  • Show bigger location icon - option to enlarge location icon in online maps.
  • Show coordinates - option to turn on/off coordinates being shown on map.
  • Show crosshairs - option to turn on/off crosshairs to be shown on map.
  • Show scale bar - option to turn on/off scale bar to be shown on map.
  • Show Follow GPS button - option to show follow GPS button on the map.
  • Volume buttons as zoom - option to enable volume buttons to be used for zoom.
  • Max speed on speedometer - setting of maximum speed of speedometer to be displayed on the map.
  • Move to tracks/routes and waypoints on startup - move map with focus on track/routes and waypoints on application startup.
  • Close confirmation - option to turn on/off showing application dialog before application is closed.
  • Show application toolbar - option to turn on/off showing application toolbar on the top ot the map.
  • Show track/route name - option to turn on/off showing track/route name on the top of the map.
  • Toolbar action buttons - customization of toolbar buttons in the toolbar above the map.
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