How to get to waypoint menu: Open Left Main Menu → Settings → Waypoint
Waypoint settings are the main settings for the waypoints in order to be able to define their details. Waypoints can be designed in the or imported from GPX files.

  • Show icon - showing waypoint icon in waypoint list.
  • Transparent icons - displaying icons as transparent.
  • Icons - setting of suitable icons for symbol names. Users can choose which icons do they want to assign to each icon name. They can choose from their own file system but also library of icons.
  • Waypoint notification - option to turn on/off the notifications for waypoints if the GPS position is near.
  • Auto hide notification - option to turn on/off the notification automatically after short period of time.
  • Waypoint notification distance - distance from waypoint in which the notification should be received.
  • Waypoint voice notification - option to choose whether the notification for waypoint near me, should be only sound or also name and distance of the waypoint.
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