Offline map style manager is a setting where users can add, update and delete offline map styles. Map style is a layout to which the map data are loaded and in combination, they create the final view the user is seeing.

You can find out more about our offline map style here.

Each map style is customizable by clicking on the palette on its right side. The options are:

  • Add new offline map style - to find out more about how to add a new offline map style please click here.
  • Edit - editing options for current map style.
  • Use this offline map style - by clicking on this option, your offline map style will be changed to the one you are currently at.
  • Delete - deleting of map styles.

Edit - editing option of the maps. Each map style has different options to edit based on the profile of the map style.

  • Offline map style and Name - not editable for default map styles.
  • Label level - users can choose the level of labels; 0 - no labels of the objects visible on the map; 11 - all of the labels of the objects on the map. Not available for Basic, Street, and Topo styles. (On the pictures displayed levels 0,5,11.)

Label level 0 Label level 5 Label level 11

  • Detail level - users can choose how many details the map will display; 0 - no details, no contours of objects; 11 - all of the details are displayed on the map. Only available for Refill, Tron, and Walkabout style. (On the pictures displayed levels 2,5,11.)

Detail level 2 Detail level 5 Detail level 11

  • Color theme - choice of color theme for the map view. Only available for Refill style. (On the picture are visible themes of Sepia and Gray-Gold.)

Color Theme Sepia Color Theme

  • Hillshading theme - choice of different displays of the altitude on the map view. Only available for Refill style.

Hillshade - terrain shading Hillshade - terrain pattern

  • Hillshade - option to turn on or off the hill-shading. Only available for Refill, Topo, Tron, and Walkabout style.
  • Contours - option to turn on or off the contouring. Only available for Topo and Walkabout style.
  • 3D buildings - option to show buildings as 3D objects.
  • Show transit - option to show transit lines overlay.

  • Show hike paths - option to show hiking paths. Only available for Walkabout style.

  • Show bike paths - option to show paths for biking. Only available for Walkabout style.

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